We started to develop this product in 2019 after we could not find a simple and easy to use administration software for thai traditional clinics. The product was intent to be used with the Thai Traditional Clinic “Chotika Clinic”. https://chotikaclinic.com/ . We where working to simplify the processes in the Chotika Clinic and give the Doctor and Masseurs the possibility to focus on the real work instead maintaining paperwork and bureaucracy. Now Chotika Clinic is able to serve more customers and was able to open even the second branch.

This success is something we want to share with others therefore we opened the software to be used by others as well.

We start now in 2021 to serve additional customers and integrate them to use the software. Despite corona we know that the health business is a huge growing market and will still remain on the rise in the future.

The software is not tide to be used only by traditional thai clinic but can be used within any body worker services like spa and massage therapists, beauty clinics, tatoo shops and many more.

If you want to get in touch with us:

Chotika Kawanig

362 ตำบลโคกสว่าง อำเภอเมืองสระบุรี สระบุรี 18000 ไทย

Contact : info@thaiclinicapp.com

Line: drchotika1

Phone: +66 ( 0 ) 98 273 0609