Customer Relationship Management

Your customer is the most important part in your business, that’s why you need to know and keep track of everything about him or her. It starts with saving all of his data like names, address, phone numbers and email addresses and goes on with keep track of all symptoms and treatments.

Let’s start and look first at the menu of the software. Once you sign in you will see following navigation menu.

There you can see 3 navigation tabs which belongs to the customer relationship.

  • Customer
  • Customer Discounts
  • Customer History


Under the customer navigation menu you will find following view :

In this view you can see a list of your customers. You can filter them by Id, first name, last name or even by phone number. That’s an easy way to find a customer if he walks in and you need to find him in the system. Specially the search by phone is the most useful and really appreciated.

If your customer is not in your database and you need to create a new customer entry click on “new”.

Fill out all the fields you know from your customers.

Customer discounts

Customer discounts is the feature you may love due to it brings you the possibility to offer discounts to your customers and bind them you. You will be able to keep track of the discounts and count the visits.

In order to offer your customers discounts you may need to create some discount types which you will then sell to your customer and link them together.

Let’s first create a discount type. In the navigation menu go to Discount Types. There you will see following view:

This view showing all the discount types you have. To create a new one just click on new.

Enter a name which is representing the customer discount type. Can be something like “member card a” for example or “discount 10 percent” or something it is meaningful to you. You can tie the discount type to a specific service or you can leave it open to any service. If you want to apply this discount type only to specific services you can select them in the service dropdown. You can select multiple services it is not required to be only one service.

I selected 4 services for example and you can see the value is calculated automatically. This is just a suggestion and it is calculated based on the services you selected and multiplied with 10. But you can add any values there you like.

Add a price which is lower than the value otherwise the discount does not make sense. The customer will require to have an advantage otherwise he will not buy it. So lets say we decide to create a member card discount named “Member C” which is not tie to any specific service and which have a value of 4000 and we want to sell it for 3500. This will look like this:

Click on save to save this discount type. Now that we have such and discount type let’s go in the navigation menu to customer discounts and link such a discount with a customer. That’s exactly what you do when a customer buy this “member c” discount. He will pay 3500 but will receive a value of 4000 which he can use over the next 6 month until it is consumed.

Click on new to create a new customer discount.

Select you customer and your service the other field will be filled automatically.

It apply here as well that you just need to enter some characters or the customer id and all matching customers will be displayed in the dropdown box.

Customer History

In the customer history you can see the work or discount types you performed within that corresponding customer.

Clicking on one of the item in the row will bring you the corresponding view depending on is it a work schedule or a discount type.