Online appointment booking

Booking Calendar view customers
online appointment booking for customers

Online appointment booking with full calendar view of each employee.

Let your customers book an online appointment with our software. The booking system is designed to work with a mobile friendly view on smart phones tables or any computer. Your customers can see the booking calendar of your employees and can decide which is the best suited timeframe for them.

You as the owner or administrator can manage and customise which employee and which service is available for the online booking system.

Your customers will register by them self. This is secure and not error prune for you. With the registration you have a communication channel to your customers. The registration give them the possibility to change the already booked appointment. This is important because you do not want your employee to be blocked in case the customer is not able to come to the booked appointment. A notification system will remind your customer that his appointment is upcoming will prepare him to get ready.

Not every appointment booking system have a full calendar view like we offer. The calendar is displaying the buddhist calendar as well if you have chosen to use the software in Thai language, and inserts all the booked slots in order to prevent overbooking.

booking slots

Customers can now select the free slots for the service they choose.

The direct booking in advance by a a phone call may be the most desired way to book for some customer. They still can do this, but in case all of your employee are busy working and they can not answer phone calls than you may loose customers. In this situation it is best to give them the option to book an appointment online.

Some may prefer to book online rather than calling. You can try it out with our software. It does not require any installation on your computer or on your phone. You just need to register your shop, clinic , spa or any other body worker service and define your services.

The app offer your a lot more of functionality not only online booking for your customers.

You will get additional more features like the following list is just a part :

  • Work schedule management
  • Customer relationship management
  • Employee work shift management with Calendar view
  • Profit calculation
  • Discount management for your customers
  • Stock of goods management
  • Reorder notifications for good

We are constantly working and improving the software day by day. We welcome you to give us any kind of feedback.

If you have concerns and are not convinced or have any questions we are happy to talk to you.

We have thai speaking support available for you.