The workschedule management ist the center of the sofware. Every process and every data comes together here. The workschedule management views are giving you the possibility to record the work you done a day. Every treatment and every massage or service you are applying is saved in this view.

Before you start applying your service which can take in case it is a long running massage several hours you should record the work schedule.

You just start tipping the name of the customers and it will display all customers matching this criteria. That way you do not need to type all the name of your customer. The same procedure apply for the service selection as well.

Due to some of your customers may have bought a discount type, you want to be informed and subtract the service from his discount. How discount types work is described in another post. Important to understand here is that if you select a service which match into the discount type your customer bought you will see following view.

Selecting the corresponding discount type will subtract from the customers discounts the service value and fill all the other fields automatically.

Select the right employee and click on save.

Now you can start to work with your customer.

There is not danger that someone else will eventually book your employee the same time due to the system knows now that this employee is busy and will block the time in the appointment booking view of your customers.